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RouterBoard Imperial March

Star Wars Imperial March played by a MikroTik RB333 router speaker.
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Mounting in the snow

Somebody makes a call about an urgent instalation, you are still almost sleeping in the morning and you don't know nothing about what happened last night in the mountain :). Look it for yourself
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304km Wifi record with MikroTik

World record WiFi distance achieved by MikroTik routers
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Helicopter Remote Solar Repeater Installation

Helicopter installing a pre-assembled solar powered MikroTik power pole repeater 1500M above sea level in the back of Canterbury getting coverage to the Ashburton and Ashburton Lakes area. New Zealand. Well worth the watch.

Repeater hardware:

RB433AH with a few different cards;

1 x R5H radio for the Back Bone on a 26dB solid dish with dome connecting to a Hana antenna with R5H 20kms away with -60dBm at each end. 100% CCQ. 30Mb TCP bandwidth test.

1 x R5H as an Access Point connected to a sector antenna.

1 x XR5 as an Access Point on another sector.

I have future proofed for more equipment with pole extending above the main pole for a controllable IP Camera and other toys.

Provistion to fit another 2 x 80W solar panels to the excisting 2 x 80W panels giving a total of 320W of panel power.

1 x 30Amp Solar Regulator conditioning 2 x Marine Gell Cell Deep Cycle Heavy Duty 225Amp batteries hosed in a UV proof Truck Tool Box packed internally with polystyrene.

This was my first extreme installation and I had internet up and running within 3 hrs of the pole being dropped in the hole.

This being my first plug and play install with a helicopter, I must admit I have spend over 100hrs labour preparation to make it happen.

Hope you enjoy the video.

All so shown www.wirelessweb.co.nz
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Computer Based Router

A video from a computer based computer
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Float advertisement

show float advertisement in every webpage only by routeros without other server.