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MUM US09: RB750 by Sergejs Boginskis

The legendary RouterBOARD 750 presentation by Sergejs Boginskis
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MX14: MPLS-VPLS para ISP by Alfredo Giordano (TikTrain.com, Italy)

MPLS-VPLS para ISP by Alfredo Giordano (TikTrain.com, Italy)
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MUM Indonesia 2009: OSPF Routing Workshop

Antonius Duty Susilo (SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang, Indonesia) will be showing your OSPF workshop.
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MUM Indonesia 2009: Introduction to IPv6

Christian Dwinantyo (D-NET, Indonesia) will be showing you the Introduction to IPv6.
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MUM Indonesia 2009: Advanced Load Balancing and Failower

Advanced Load Balancing and Failover Workshop by Valens Riyadi (Citraweb, Indonesia).
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MUM China 2010: Nine Wireless Hacks

Nine wireless hacks by Jesse Liu (Convergingstream Technologies, Inc , China)
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User Manager new version

User Manager, Sergejs Boginskis USA MUM 2007
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Traffic Monitoring

Egypt MUM
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MUM US09: New User Manager by Sergejs

Sergejs Boginskis from Mikrotik will be telling you about some of the latest User Manager features. User Manager is part of RouterOS and it helps to control your Hotspot, PPPoE, Wireless and other users.
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MUM Indonesia 2009 Intro

Introduction by Janis Jankovskis from Sales