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Computer Based Router

Video screenshot

Computer Based Router

A video from a computer based computer

5 Responses to Computer Based Router

  1. lasse
    2008-11-10 10:18:55

    Why do all you put on the crapy music? I dont see the use of music in this kind of demonstration??

    But fun to see what people around the world do with mikrotik.

  2. Fábio
    2008-11-10 15:11:56

    Este vídeo é meu.
    o cara copia edita e sai publicando.
    vou te contar viu.

    This vídeo is my.
    the man copy edit add music and post.

  3. N.R.
    2008-11-12 12:36:50

    Fabio, write to support please, we will settle this problem

  4. KiNGWiFu
    2008-11-28 11:14:31

    Ah, I just built a pfsense machine that I intend to couple with a radious server, and then of course Ive got a bunch of Linksys DDWRT routers with yagis on em hidden all around the building, bwhahaah.

    Im offering everyone \"free\" wifi, sniffin them packets. heh.

    NOTHING in this world is free.

  5. geo_stef
    2008-12-12 00:30:34

    sorry to fabio to post his video here without his permition. i didn't find it here so i uploaded. all i want you to know is that i didn't asked for a free license as my video is not mine.

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