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MUM 2009 CZ: R5H Test

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MUM 2009 CZ: R5H Test

R5H long range difficult link test, by Juliano Rastelli

12 Responses to MUM 2009 CZ: R5H Test

  1. jolival
    2009-03-18 00:22:25

    Great Job Juliano

    Best Regards
    PS: Isso é que se chama um link... abraços myFriend
    RedesPT - Portugal

  2. Johnny Quesada
    2009-07-16 13:05:31

    Muy buena presentacion Juliano. Lo felicito. Johnny Quesada de Costa Rica. El amigo de Paulino.

  3. Pedro Noriega
    2009-08-08 17:44:55

    great job. I congratulate you because I really know that it is not easy.

    We have a bussiness very quite like yours -Juliano-. We also passed throught a hard knoledge process, and finally be able to takeover with mikrotik.

    So all these experience is remarkable.

    Muito obrigado.

    Pedro Noriega Cardoso - Colombia

    p.d.: mais antenas pluton tenhen un bom \\"performance\\". Elas foron nossas primeras cuando todo fou mau.

  4. Matias Cristian Villarroel
    2009-08-09 14:58:55

    Very good presentations Juliano, its very diffcult obtain these throughput and signal strenghth levels. Congratulations.

  5. Juliano Rastelli
    2009-08-25 14:43:08

    Thx for all congratulations.

    Just to clarify...Pluton antennas have very good performance (i still use them today) but they have a poor design related to wind resistance. They tend to loose some parts with only mild winds and i dot not recommended it (this specific model) for this reason only.

  6. Sourendra
    2009-09-09 23:01:26

    Congrats Juliano. It’s really unbelievable job done by you with R5H.Thanks for motivated us to cross this type of hurdle.That's a remarkable job done by you.

    with my Best Regards,

    Sourendra Tah
    Silicon Information and Networking

  7. Gutemberg Cassiano
    2009-10-12 21:43:16

    Excelente trabalho.

  8. Anderson Lima
    2009-10-17 21:01:43

    Parabens, excelente trabalho.

  9. Jenaro Sanchez R
    2009-10-22 17:20:48

    Excelent R5H CARD...I TESTED this card...with 50km...and this card can give more..more...

  10. Mark
    2009-11-12 06:58:08

    I know the XR5 does pretty well and the R5H is descent. Has anyone tried the F50-PRO to reduce the chances of lightning issues?

    Great video btw.

  11. Brazilian Friend
    2010-01-02 02:24:07


  12. ODA
    2011-03-27 22:29:57

    Very educational Thanks a lot!

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