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Roof installation

Video screenshot

Roof installation

Solar powered outdoor box

8 Responses to Roof installation

  1. connect2007
    2008-10-07 01:24:12

    Very nice

  2. mmmpils
    2008-11-19 12:17:05

    But for your next installation remember to place cableconnetions under the cabinet. This is because you then have a mutch more water resistanse pod.

    I live up north i norway, and you all would be suprised where rain/water manage to get through.

  3. mmmpils
    2008-11-19 12:21:16

    And remember to always use alot of vulk and tape all over the antennaplug(in both ends).

  4. ELf
    2009-01-19 02:05:05

    Cool!! how much you spend in that? Aprox.

  5. romuotik
    2009-02-06 04:44:37

    hay this is very good and stampliter system

  6. Mattias Nurmi
    2009-11-14 13:16:13

    Good work! Try using a CF card as HD and everything will go faster and it becomes smaller. And also as "mmmpils" said, try using more vulk tape so you don´t get any water inside the box.

    Mattias - Sweden

  7. Chris
    2011-04-07 12:30:16


    DEFINITELY NOT solar powered. The solar panels and the boiler attached to them are used to provide the house below with hot running water.

    @Mattias Nurmi

    CF is not faster than HD (much slower) plus a CF is more likely to fail than a hard-disk. Its just good in saving space

  8. Tom Smyth
    2011-04-10 01:46:13

    It is always nice to see other peoples Ideas on installations, thanks for showing ... I would love to know what is the temperature in the box vs the ambient temperature.

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