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304km Wifi record with MikroTik

Video screenshot

304km Wifi record with MikroTik

World record WiFi distance achieved by MikroTik routers

6 Responses to 304km Wifi record with MikroTik

  1. wappi
    2009-01-25 21:54:50

    How much trafic on the link??? Is still on, or it was jost for testing/demonstration?

  2. romuotik
    2009-02-06 07:13:16

    nice iam romuotik i need record a one
    but in 400 km i work hardenes to record
    iam from Egypt i need team work

  3. Tyron
    2009-06-04 11:46:07

    Couldn't read in video but what was the signal strength and link throughput?

  4. Marco
    2009-06-26 20:39:54

    cosa avete utilizzato per puntare le parabole a tale distanza?

  5. Fernando Yanez
    2009-09-23 14:56:14

    Excelente Work we are in South America , Ecuador, and have a 220Kmts. link in 900Mhz.
    What radio card are you using for this distance?
    Because we have a little signal fade.

    What is the software are you using for the Path Calculations?

    Thanks and excelent Work.
    Fernando Yanez

  6. Dr@gon
    2010-02-28 14:17:17

    Incleible! muy buen trabajo =)

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