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Assembling a PC based Router

Video screenshot

Assembling a PC based Router

From parts to Winbox, complete tutorial

5 Responses to Assembling a PC based Router

  1. Bashkim
    2008-12-23 21:36:02


    How can i have all these videos in a cd because my internet is slow and i can not see them online?

  2. N.R.
    2008-12-29 09:25:00

    sorry, we don't offer such services yet

  3. kenneth
    2010-02-22 08:43:37

    good morning,
    im doing a project on seting up a pc based wireless router and i would like to define 1st what a pc based router is. though i think i know how to build one , its just defining it that i am having a problem with, pls can u help.
    also i am using a mikrotik router os on it. is there any advice u would like to give to me concerning setting it up and configuring it for winbox.
    thank u very much, u can email me the reply at kennwanze@aol.com
    i would greatly appreciate it.

  4. N.R.
    2010-02-22 13:50:21

    Kenneth, please write a post on the MikroTik forum: http://forum.mikrotik.com

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