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Mounting in the snow

Video screenshot

Mounting in the snow

Somebody makes a call about an urgent instalation, you are still almost sleeping in the morning and you don't know nothing about what happened last night in the mountain :). Look it for yourself

9 Responses to Mounting in the snow

  1. geo_stef
    2009-03-02 01:36:22

    why i cann't see the video?

  2. N.R.
    2009-03-02 09:50:20

    I can see it no problem, from different PC/provider. Upgrade your Flash maybe?

  3. imam
    2009-03-02 13:37:11

    We can't see video from firefox (install_flash_player_10.exe already install). But Wit Opera, video can be seen.

  4. H@mid
    2009-03-02 13:47:09

    hi there change your isp to see the videos
    thanks for the great videos

  5. aldo
    2009-04-16 21:37:52

    pun e paqme cuna. me gjith ate bore paskeni rrezikuar shum :)

  6. Jack Inbawls
    2009-05-20 07:45:18

    That will teach you *&*&# to string LMR600 like that, especially in an icy invironment, next time you will bury your cables I hope

  7. Greg
    2009-06-04 20:41:13

    Thanks for the vid! This is a real live example on how to NOT install equipment.

  8. Eri
    2009-07-01 19:52:05

    That cable is not ours :)
    Ours is only the FTP one.

  9. puff and pie
    2013-10-11 10:02:58

    I see the height and feel like being in plane. I travel a lot and so love mounting and snow. Also i like eat various food stuff.

    - Chef @ PuffandPie

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